The Boston Globe posed an interesting question in its “The Argument” column Sunday: Should local elections remain non-partisan in Massachusetts?

Arguing in favor of maintaining status quo is Melrose Alderman at-large Monica Medeiros, Arguing that local elections should require candidates to list party affiliation is Progressive Needham’s Ted Steinberg.

From Medeiros: 

“In today’s divided world where one cannot open a newspaper, view the feed of a social media account, or simply even turn on the TV without being bombarded with the flames fueled by that day’s partisan skirmishes, we do not need party politics to cloud [voters’] relationships.”

From Steinberg: 

“Even if many of their decisions may have no overlap with official party platforms, any way we can enhance voter insight into the values that shape our representatives’ policy-making perspective is worth pursuing.”

Is this a Democrat vs Republican issue? What do you think?