More millionaires live in Newton than any city in the commonwealth except for Boston, the Boston Business Journal Reports.

According to the most recent federal data on Bay State residents’ income, Newton was home to 1329 million dollar filers in 2016 an increase of 53 or 4.3 percent.


On the other hand, a few cities and towns saw a sizable dip in million-dollar earners. Cambridge and Brookline, two of the state’s wealthiest communities, both experienced declines of at least 5 percent in 2016. Of the 25 municipalities on the Business Journal’s list, Sudbury experienced the biggest year-over-year drop, with an 11 percent decline.


…Unsurprisingly, Boston was once again home to the most million-dollar earners, though its year-over-year increase was only 1.3 percent. On an absolute basis, Newton and Needham added more million-dollar filers than Boston that year.

The BBJ report does not specify how many of Newton’s 1329 millionaires live in Village No. 14.