Buried among the comments on this thread about ballot confusion is Jack Prior’s tabular guide to strategies for voting on the two cannabis referenda.  Jack says, 

“In case you are confused on how to vote in today’s Newton election on retail cannabis in Newton, here’s a table that translates your priorities and your forecasts about the election into a strategy for voting….

  • The 2nd question (on opt-out) is clear. You should vote Yes if you want to opt out and No if you want retail dispensaries.
  • But voting on the 1st question (on limiting to 2-4 dispensaries) is more complicated and depends on your preferences as well as your forecast about what the battle is among the various outcomes (“opt out” vs. “2-4” vs. “8”) and which of the two questions will have majority Yes votes.  That’s because a Question 1 will override the Question 2 if it gets more Yes votes than Question 2’s Yes votes.
  • If neither question achieves a majority Yes vote, then the default is 8 dispensaries.”

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