Ballots are only confusing if disrupters tell you they are.

It’s disappointing that having a few adult use retail marijuana stores in Newton has fostered such anger in those opposed to having them here. It’s gone well passed a respectful disagreement. It’s difficult to understand why their anger is so impassioned. It can’t just be about these few stores locating in Newton, there has to be a deeper, underlying reason because these stores will be located in communities all around Newton. 

In these times when misdirection and lies grab the media’s and decent folks attention, it’s hard to get through all of the loud distractions to get the truth to voters. 

Marijuana has been legal since 2016 – made so by voters not just passed by the legislature. These voters knew there would have to be ways to distribute it – thus retail stores would be needed. Marijuana is legal in all of MA. Having them in Newton will change only one thing – added revenue to Newton.

OON is using standard fear tactics found now in national elections. 

Using cartoons to attract attention.  










Having a fit over a man in Wellesley just because he is wealthy -just  like their own spokespeople.

Using slogans to confuse voters instead of enlightening them – even using slogans to put lies on their lawn signs – “sham” 2-4 question.  

Putting in the Patch, a letter with no factual basis and totally irrelevant to retail stores in Newton written by the chief of police that the Tab wouldn’t publish.  It contained opinions he heard at a conference in Washington State that pertained only to Washington State.

Such things as “Marijuana is frequently combined with alcohol.” “The presenters doubt if coroners are even testing for marijuana after the use of alcohol is established.” “OUI citations have plummeted … “ Focus and coordination are impaired while under the influence … “ “Contrary to common perception, speed was the number one reason for pulling a car over … “

Deflecting factual statements such as the zones and areas established to locate these stores  by interjecting them with biased “clarifications,“ leaving out the half mile circle where no shops are allowed around any location.

Tomorrow we vote. Either to allow marijuana stores in Newton or to ban them.

Do you think this fear mongering, attempts at confusion and distractions are working on voters to get them to vote yes to the ban?

Do you think the simple message that when locating marijuana stores in Newton, the only change will be the revenue Newton gains is getting through to voters to vote no on the ban?