This is a guest blog post that was submitted to Village 14.

The Boston Globe reported this past week that the Cannabis Control Commission has started working toward rules for marijuana home delivery across the state.

No retail storefronts would be involved, and the delivery businesses could be “micro-businesses,” some of which would be owned by those who have previously been harmed by marijuana criminalization, fulfilling the state’s goals for social justice. This plan seems to solve many of the problems currently being discussed in Newton:

  • There would be no out-of-towners driving into Newton to buy pot.
  • Stoned driving would be reduced with regulated delivery couriers.
  • Local sales taxes based on “point of delivery” would assure that Newton gets the tax revenue.
  • The contentious battle over storefronts would be moot.

So, with home delivery on the horizon, who needs pot shops anyway?

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