This is from the Newtonite’s Facebook page… [Updated Oct 9, 2018]

In response to bias allegations against North history teachers, faculty will stand out at the corner of Elm and Walnut Street to show solidarity before school at 7:15 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 11, according to English teacher Kate Mannelly.

Teachers and the administration have been grappling with accusations of anti-conservative and anti-Semitic bias against specific teachers published by The Federalist and Fox News over the past few months. Fifteen teachers from different departments across the school have formed a committee to help coordinate this standout as a response.

“I have two main goals for this standout,” said Mannelly, “One is to show some solidarity and that we support our teachers that are under attack, and two is to show that we won’t stand for hate speech, that we won’t be bullied by hate groups that are trying to attack our teachers.”

“I know how passionate our staff and faculty are and how we care for one another,” said Mannelly.

The standout is “not a school event” according to a collective statement from teachers involved, though they “look forward to standing alongside the entire community” at a public hearing that will be held later this fall.