This was posted on the NextDoor Newton list serve this morning.

Our 17 lb Jack Russell mix dog was attacked by a coyote last night (Wednesday) in our front yard on Beaconwood Rd near Cold Spring Park. He was out for a minute to do his last bathroom break before going to bed. Dog was lucky and got away after my husband interrupted it, but dog was bit in the sternum/chest, broke a few ribs, and will likely require minor surgery today. We rushed him to MSPCA ER in Waltham. Coyote was last seen running off into the woods behind our house and probably into Cold Spring park which is next door. There was a neighbor that reported a missing black and white cat a couple weeks ago and now I fear for the worst for our neighbor’s little friend’s fate. If you have animals (small and big), please keep an eye out even if it is literally five feet from your door.