Boston Globe Columnist Shirley Leung follows up on her reporting from last July about questioning the Charles River Country Club’s building of an exclusive “men’s grill lounge… complete with food, booze, and a stone fireplace.”

Leung reports today that state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission investigators “issued a five-page report in April and concluded the club did not violate any of the commission’s regulations. The rules allow for segregation of locker rooms and restrooms based on gender in places serving alcohol.”

But that doesn’t mean Leung thinks it’s OK…

You may be wondering why anyone outside the Charles River Country Club should care. Here’s why: Male members of the club are business and civic leaders who would never dare to approve a men-only lunchroom in their workplaces. Yet in the privacy of their own clubs and social circles, it’s suddenly OK to treat women as second-class citizens.


That’s not OK. We all know what happens in the country club doesn’t stay in the country club.





at the private county club.

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