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As WCVB reported this week (and in a TAB oped that does not seem to be online) a proposal for a medical marijuana dispensary right behind the Negoshian’s at the corner of Route 9 and Elliot Street, is attracting a lot of heat from neighbors.

Now folks can support or oppose medical marijuana clinics. We can be supportive or opposed to recreational marijuana stores (and the proprietor of this clinic hopes to one day also be approved as a retail store). We can debate whether or not the presence of a clinic or retail shop will harm teens.  We can disagree over many retails stores is too many or not enough.

But can we at least agree that — contrary to the claims made in the TAB op-ed and heard in public hearings — this corner of Route 9 and Elliot is not a “residential neighborhood”? Yes there are homeowners on the other side of Elliot (a stretch, btw, that is almost impossible to cross) but behind it are the T tracks and behind that the DPW yard. Take a look for yourself.




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