Jenna Fisher at Newton Patch has had the most extensive reporting on concerns about the treatment of female Newton City Councilors, including this from a new article posted tonight

Multiple councilors told Patch of stories where a woman would hold their hand up to speak but the person leading that particular meeting would ignore her or be dismissive. Another incident mentioned was where a city councilor called two women councilors “lightweights.” There were reports of a city councilor calling colleagues after hours and cursing them out, or snapping at them or talking over them in public meetings where members of the public were present. During one meeting a councilor asking a town employee about why something was not going the way it was supposed to in that department was interrupted by another councilor to tell her he didn’t like her tone, Patch was told.

and Fisher ends with this..

Patch is in the process of listening to recordings of meetings from the past six months and will update once this reporter contacts the men who have been named. If you have witnessed behavior on the city council that you think is inappropriate, email [email protected]

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