From Mayor Fuller’s update:  

Let’s Vote on Retail Marijuana
I’ve fully supported medical marijuana establishments. They require customers to have prescriptions from a physician to purchase the product, and customers must have a state-issued medical marijuana license to enter the store.
Newton is now considering whether and where to allow adult-use “recreational” marijuana establishments.
In 2016, Newton voters supported the Commonwealth of Massachusetts legalizing adult-use marijuana establishments with 55 percent of the vote. Notably, this ballot question specifically stated that local municipalities retained the right to “adopt reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of operating marijuana businesses and to limit the number of marijuana establishments in their communities.” Having the voters of Newton decide on an outright ban or limit on the number of establishments to be allowed is appropriate, as this is an important and potentially long lasting decision.
I’m comfortable with the City Council voting to put this question on the ballot in November and having all of us together, as a community, deciding the question of whether to permit adult-use “recreational” marijuana stores here in Newton.

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