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We posted about this in the early stages of this process (back in October), but dockless bikes are now much closer to coming to Newton (and several other communities). It’s now in The Globe, (a mere four months after N-Squared– I could not see a V14 post from December though), so it must be official.

I am intrigued- I have used the Hubway docked system in Boston, and similar bikes in other cities, and really love the simplicity. I saw the dockless bikes on a trip to Paris last year, but didn’t take the opportunity to try them out. As a road cyclist, I am not likely to strap into my cleats for a ride to Newtonville (for example) for shopping or a meal, but I would definitely use these for getting around. I am unclear on how exactly the companies will manage where these bikes are left (and where they cannot be) since there are no docks, but the proliferation of these services suggests that they have figured this out.

The Globe does not give a date for the bikes’ arrival beyond “this summer,” otherwise I wish I could tell you when we could try these out. I should add that’s clear the companies involved are working directly with the governments – including Newton –  of the communities where they intend to launch,

I am also pleased to report that I had to go through 16 comments before an anti-bike troll made their true self known. That might be a record for the paper. 

Would you use dockless bikes? I would. 

ETA: As for the bikes themselves, they seem somewhat like the Hubways. Sturdy, with a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good.

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