The Newton School Department has released their proposal for a new schedule for the city’s two high schools and no one is happy.

There’s been mounting pressure in recent years to switch to a later start time for the high schools.  A wealth of evidence indicates that early start times for high school students leads to a variety of problems with both health of the students and their learning.

Over the past year the school department has surveyed parents, teachers, and administrators in an effort to fashion a new schedule that meets a series of contradictory goals.  Says School Superintendent David Fleishman “It’s a hard problem.  Moving to a later start time is clearly a desired goal.  As we began to talk to parents and other stakeholders we heard grave concerns about later ending times raising havoc with everything from sports, to homework to transportation issues.  The first proposal that we evaluated was to leave the end time the same but start later.    There was quite a vocal objection to that plan since it sacrificed the number of hours of education that the students would be receiving.”

“We’re caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue and there is no one answer that will make everyone happy” said Superintendent Fleishman

Remarkably, the proposed plan that was released on Friday will probably make no one happy.   Starting in September the two high schools will begin an hour later, keep the same finish time and move to a six day schedule with school on Monday-Saturday.

King Solomon himself could not have come up with a better solution.

Note to panicked high school students: The above post was just a little April Foolishness


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