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insideaqueduct The Mass Water Resources Authority (MWRA) announced today that they will begin running weekly boat tours inside their aqueducts on Saturdays beginning May 18.  This is the latest step in the Inside the MWRA Initiative, an ongoing program to open up the aqueducts for recreational uses wherever possible.  Last year, the first phase of the program began when they announced that they would allow the towns to open up walking trails on top of the aqueducts.  Said MWRA spokesman Frank Nedley “Bringing people down inside the aqueducts is the next logical step.   Our water supply system is largely invisible.  This is a way to give the public a view from the inside out”.

Newton will be doubly fortunate since we have both the Cochituate and Sudbury aqueducts running through our city.  The Sudbury will open up first on May 18.  Riders will climb down a ladder at the hatch on the Needham side of Echo Bridge into a ten person long boat for the ride to Chestnut Hill Reservoir.  The entire journey will take just over an hour and a half.  The MWRA will begin taking reservations via their web site on Monday April 8 and they will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Said Nedley, “We expect this to be an extremely popular initiative.  If it as popular with the public as we expect, we hope to move on to Phase III of Inside the MWRA in Sept of 2013.  For Phase III we’ll be opening up our sewer pipes for boat tours”.

We expect the tickets for the aqueduct boat rides are going to be extremely hard to come by, particularly because the program was first announced on April 1.

DISCLAIMER – The story above was an April Fools Day prank.  My apologies to the good folks at MWRA who had to take a few calls from folks looking for tickets.


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