Worried about gridlock? Parking? Traffic from a newly proposed development?  Climate change? Mass transit? Parking and excise tax revue to pay for schools and city services?

I’d like to invite you to an event this Friday morning from 9-10 a.m. hosted by the chamber that will explore how the inevitable arrival of autonomous vehicles will turn our world upside down, and not necessarily in good ways.  Topics on the agenda include: 

  • How do Autonomous Vehicles Work?  When will they be available?
  •  The Promises and Challenges of AVs
  • Current Motor Vehicle Revenue Sources
  • Trends: AV Budget Drivers
  • Projected Economic Impacts: The Costs and Benefits of AVs
  • Projected Fiscal Impacts: AVs and State Revenue Sources, AVs and Municipal Revenue Sources
  •  Lessons Learned: What we have learned along the way
  • Recommendations: Policies that can help us benefit from AVs

Friday’s free program — at the Wells Park Auditorium at 85 Wells Ave — will also include a presentation about the economic benefits of cycling.   More details and registration information can be found here.


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