“Be there or be Boiled Like Cabbage”

Once again Dunn Gaherins will be hosting its now traditional Newton political St Patrick’s day breakfast on Fri March 16, 8:30 AM.

Last year’s event was planned in 48 hours.  This year we’re starting weeks ahead so we’ve already got a who’s-who of local politicians lined up starting with Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, City Council President Marc Laredo and School Committee Chair Ruth Goldman.  We’re counting on ALL of Newton’s elected officials to be in attendance, otherwise we’ll have to abuse you in absentia.

The public is welcome too and we want to especially extend an invitation to all you V14’ers to come down and join in the festivities.

We’ll be serving coffee, tea and Irish bread while having some fun with our political folks. V14’s own Greg Reibman and Josh Krintzman (aka Newton’s Billy Bulger) will be wielding the master of ceremonies microphones this year.  As always, Seana Gaherin is working on a few last minute surprises.

“be there or be boiled like cabbage”!

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