From the Jesuit Priest’s non-denominational, all-inclusive blessing to Jerry Reilly’s promise of a new tradition in Newton, the St. Patrick’s Day Political Breakfast that occurred this morning at Dunn-Gaherin’s in Newton Upper Falls was an undeniable success. Tip of the Hat to Seana Gaherin whose brain works in mysterious ways to gather people in the woods of Hemlock Gorge for the “Feast of the Falls,” to coordinating a parade over a newly rebuilt bridge over the Charles, to celebrating this morning the possibility of Newton’s first citizen to be sent to the Governor’s Palace! Another Tip of the Hat to Jerry Reilly who can actually ensure that the events happen and never lose their sense of humor. Greg Reibman, President of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce, whose real job is to be “The Voice” of Village 14, was phenomenal as MC. And Jerry and he moved the morning’s roast around the tavern smoothly and with the best of good humor.

Almost all of the “Elected” of Newton were there! Unfortunately, they did not check the research that shows that 7:30am is too early for adolescents to attend anything! HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!!


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