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This Sunday, the Newton Democratic City Committee will be holding its caucus at Newton South High School from 2-6 p.m. The main item on the agenda will be the election of delegates to the state Democratic Party convention in June in Worcester who will be pledged to support one of their party’s candidates for governor.   All registered Newton Democrats can participate on Sunday or even run as a delegate.

While Newton Dems would perhaps be expected to turn out in large numbers for former Mayor Setti Warren, there are two other declared Dems in the running: Jay Gonzalez, a former State Secretary of Administration and Finance under Deval Patrick and Bob Massie, who previously ran for Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senate.  I haven’t encountered a lot of Massie support in Newton but a number of Newton Dems, including some of our elected or formerly elected leaders who served while Warren was mayor, have lined up for Gonzalez.

Do you have a favorite in this contest? Are you planning on attending Sunday’s caucus and even running as a delegate (go here to see how many delegates by gender will be elected in each ward)?  And would it look bad for Warren if he doesn’t pick up all of Newton’s convention delegates?


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