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Many of you probably received the same mailing I did promising “free hot cocoa, cookies & donuts” in exchange for you showing up to “protest bias & lies in the Newton School curriculum.” 

While not named in the mailing, the group behind this is the ironically named “Americans for Peace and Tolerance,” which is the same Islamophobic hate group that has been circulating for quite a while in Newton. This group is also behind the “contest” that asked students “List all lesson plans, outlines, chapters in specific textbooks, handouts, homework or other work related to this issue assigned to you during the class.”

This showed up on the Newton Parents Facebook group a few days ago with some people not familiar with the organization. Within the lengthy discussion (220 comments and counting) is the realization that even though the mailing references a CAMERA book, CAMERA is not at all involved in it. In fact, it took pains on its website to point out that it doesn’t organize rallies of any kind, saying on the website “CAMERA is not responsible for political organizing, rallies, or other forms of grassroots political activism that may use our research and information. Links to this site or citation of our work should not be taken as a CAMERA endorsement.”

And just in case you’re still fooled by all the sweet and kind language, The Boston Broadside, a publication that proudly proclaims that it’s “not liberal” calls this a “RALLY against Newton School Committee” and calls on Newton schools “TO STOP INDOCTRINATING THEM [students] WITH SKEWED AND BIASED INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS.” (emphasis theirs). They also call for the firing of Superintendent David Fleishman and the replacement of School Committee Chair Ruth Goldman. They also wanted to get rid of former School Committee Chair Matt Hills.

Worth noting that Councilor Emily Norton is active on the Facebook discussion and also has a bumper sticker if anyone should want it, that has a much more positive message. Former ward 4 candidate Allison Sharma is also deeply involved in the discussion. 

Please note that I am purposely not linking to certain site as I do not want to give them any SEO or other credibility. If you want to find them, you’re free to use Google.