Three years after city councilors (actually at the time they were aldermen) approved a ban on plastic bags from supermarkets and other large retail stores, a group of eight councilors want to you to pay a dime for each paper bag you receive while banning plastic bags from stores of all sizes.

Amendments to the plastic bag ordinance COUNCILORS LEARY, NORTON, AUCHINCLOSS, BROUSAL GLASER, DANBERG, KALIS, MARKIEWICZ, proposing amendments to Chapter 12, Section 71. Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance to add a 10 cent fee for paper bags provided at point of sale, eliminate the small business exemption for retail space under 3,500 square feet, and update the definition of “reusable bag.”

The proposal will likely be on the Program & Services Committee  agenda for Feb 7 but, of course, you can discuss it now in the comments section.

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