On this short street you can see three trees for four houses, sitting out at least since the snow storm

One New Year’s tradition that the city seems to have forgotten is Christmas tree pickup. Since the first week of January, a number of trees have been waiting, forlornly, on the sidewalks of my neighborhood (Newton Corner) to be picked up and sent to their new permanent homes (they think they are going upstate, I don’t have the heart to tell them they will become mulch). The January 4 storm put a lot of trash pickup schedules into disarray, which is understandable (side note: my favorite story is the person who called the city to pick up a whole street of missed barrels- the city came and took the trash only from the house that made the call), but a full week went by with the trees’ fates unresolved.

The city Web site and Twitter  only say that Christmas tree pickups end January 12, which I understand to be the original schedule. I don’t see any subsequent notes about delays or extensions. I have a call in to the city’s customer service number, and will update with any new info. 

How is your neighborhood? Did you get Christmas tree pickup, or are your sidewalks littered with the Ghosts of Christmas Past as well? 

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