I’ll start by saying that I really liked the functionality that allowed Village 14 readers the ability to give a quick thumbs ups or thumbs down on comments.

The thumbs, I believed, gave visitors here — especially those who only lurk and never, or rarely, comment — a way to weigh in on an idea or position.

And I found it hilarious — and flattering — the way some folks (who apparently had lots of time on their hands) would go to the trouble of clearing their cookies or whatever, to thumbs up or down a comment, dozens or more times. As if this site or any one person’s views were that important.  

But I know the thumbs downs bothered some people, including some of my fellow Village 14 bloggers as well as a few participants who said they stopped commenting because they didn’t want their comments dismissed so easily. (There’s even someone we recently invited to become a blogger — and who has never been shy about being disagreeable — who declined because he didn’t like the thumbs downs.) 

So today, as an experiment, we removed the ability to thumbs down a comment. But have kept the ability to like one.

What do you think?  You can’t give the idea a thumbs down so you’ll have to weigh in the old fashioned way, as a comment.