In the Ward 4 ward councilor race, it would be interesting to know:

  • How many Ward 4 voters wrote in Allison Sharma the Ward 4 at-large race
  • How many Ward 4 voters wrote in Allison in both the at-large and the ward races (the base coverers)

The second number is key, because the first number is not the measure of possibly confused voters who didn’t get their preference recorded. The base coverers did record their preference in the right race. The difference between the two numbers would be the number of voters who, we can reasonably conclude, intended to vote for Allison in the ward race, but mistakenly voted for her in the at-large race.

It’s unlikely that there’s a theory by which those votes should be counted in the official results. (Got an election law theory that would have them counted? Let us know.) But, it would be nice to have a clear idea of what the Ward 4 voters intended.

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