Updated to fix sloppy language and to reflect more up-to-date information on actual write-ins.

This has to be Allison Sharma’s worst nightmare.

Chris Markiewicz won the Ward 4 ward race with 1122 votes, 152 more votes than the write-in total of 970. According to the city web site, Allison was the write-in choice in the ward councilor race on 944 ballots, giving Chris a 178 vote margin over Allison.

One concern all along has been that folks would write in Allison for the Ward 4 at-large race, not the ward race. And, there they are: 288 write-in votes in the Ward 4 at-large race. Not counting the Ward 4 at-large race, the next highest total of write-in votes for a single ward in an at-large race appears to be 40 write-in votes in Ward 6 in the Ward 6 at-large race. Something out of the ordinary is going on.

There appear to have been lots of confusion across the city for the Ward 4 race. There were 814 write-in votes in the Ward 4 at-large race. The next highest total was the Ward 6 at-large race with 161. And, Ward 6 seems to be an outlier. The next highest total of write-ins was Ward 8 at-large with 82. So 288 write-in votes for at-large candidates in Ward 4 is not normal.

The 586 write-in votes outside of Ward 4 were just wasted. Voters in the other wards were not eligible to vote in the Ward 4 ward race. Undoubtedly, some of the 288 voters in Ward 4 who wrote in on the at-large race wrote in on the Ward race, too, just to be sure. And, as commenter Lauren notes, many of the write-in votes are likely for Amy Mah Sangiolo. But, it seems highly likely that more than 152 voters were just confused and intended to write in Allison for Ward councilor.

That’s a shame.

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