Last week was the last issue of the Newton TAB to contain letters-to-the-editor related to next Tuesday’s election, since none will appear in this week’s issue. After last week’s issue, the TAB reportedly still had a backlog of over 130 letters not yet published. If your letter endorsing a candidate — or a vote on a ballot issue — didn’t make it to publication, here’s an opportunity to get it out there.  Maybe you missed the TAB’s deadline, maybe your letter was not selected, maybe you’re just now composing it.  In the comments below, please explain your endorsement as succinctly as possible.  Extra points for brevity and for novelty.  What hasn’t yet been said that you think people need to hear — in just a few words?  Comments on this thread will close at midnight this Friday, to give everyone a chance to pause, reflect, and make a plan to vote on Tuesday. 

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