While walking in West Newton on our way to Mango Thai Cuisine (my daughter loves their summer rolls) I came across the bike rack pictured here. While I really appreciate the sentiment, it would be nice if the bike rack was actually usable. 

For those of you who don’t bike at all, let me explain. A bike should touch a rack in two spots on the frame, so you should be able to pull your bike alongside of this rack and lock it up. It’ll then hold up the bike while also keeping it safe. That’s just not possible here. This is kind of like putting in a parking space with walls on 3 sides that is just big enough for a small car. Sure, it’s a spot, but it’s not usable. 

A block down the road is a pair of identical racks installed correctly, giving space for four bikes in the same footprint (my picture of those is lousy).

I’m not asking that everyone ride a bike, but can we at least make it possible for those of us who choose to bike to have a place to lock up? Other places aren’t much better. Check out the rack at the Walgreens at Newton Four Corners, or the placement of bike racks at either of our local Whole Foods locations.

A few months back I was at a building that dropped an old-style rack designed for your front tire (which doesn’t provide any safety) behind a dumpster along a highway. When I said something to the building manager, he said “well, no one uses it anyway.”

Of course they don’t! 



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