Help define Newton politics. Literally!

National party distinctions are not particularly useful at the municipal level. The issues that are salient at the national level are not necessarily relevant at the local level and vice-versa. People have share similar positions on national issues don’t necessarily share positions on local issues. Where you stand on reproductive freedom, probably isn’t a good indicator of where you stand on density in village centers.

So, in an effort to give some structure to our local races, let’s create a V14 candidate grid. Let’s identify the 5-10 most salient issues for this year’s mayoral and counciloral races, define the spectrum on positions for each issue, and plot each candidate across the resulting matrix.

Step 1 — in the comments list what you think are the five most important issues for Newton’s 2017 elections. Not necessarily the issues that are most important to you. Play political scientist. What’s going to matter to the electorate?

Note: lots of voters are not issue voters, they vote the soft stuff. Judgment. Integrity. Intelligence. Experience. &c. This effort won’t capture those factors. Acknowledged. 

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