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This one has been bugging me for a week but I’m just getting to it now. In last week’s TAB,  of anti-housing group Newton Villages Alliance makes this rather bold — and I’d argue entirely unsubstantiated — statement.

It is indisputable that Newton residents reject high-density residential projects because every one that has been proposed has encountered intense local opposition.

Kouril Grieser offers no evidence to support her declaration other than the fact that Kouril Grieser and other folks from her circle show up at each and every meeting to intensely oppose each and every project. 

Yes, it is indisputable that some residents want Newton to be frozen in time to the day they moved here. (Never mind that some one before them likely intensely opposed the place they now call home). But really, we have no way to know for certain where the majority of the Newton residents stand on creating new housing stock for our kids; our seniors; our municipal and school employees; immigrants and everyone else who would like to live here because there’s been no scientific polling to determine that.

We also have no idea how big or tiny the NVA is, although we do know that two years ago, every single NVA-endorsed city council candidate lost in their bid to unseat an incumbent known for a generally supporting projects the NVA  opposed.

But short of a professionally executed poll, or perhaps a municipal election where this becomes the main issue before voters, I’d argue that it is indisputable that is engaging in fake math.