The draft of the Phase 2 Pattern Book for Newton’s Comprehensive Zoning Reform Initiative Is available. It’s an interesting read with a timeline of development growth in Newton over centuries, some great photos, lots of maps and a comprehensive analysis of the city’s historic architecture.

Newton commenced a three-phase zoning reform process in 2011. Phase 1 consisted of a cleanup and reorganization of the existing ordinance.


Phase 2 includes an audit of the zoning ordinance to identify areas that are inconsistent with the community’s goals, the development of this pattern book to catalog the city’s existing development patterns, and a comprehensive redesign of the zoning ordinance to produce development results that are more in keeping with Newton’s character and aspirations.


Today, the city is a rich tapestry of buildings, institutions, and places simultaneously representing the past, present, and future of Newton—all working in concert to create a high quality, twenty-first century place to live, work, learn, play, and create. Newton’s various neighborhoods and village centers in the city comprise a great diversity of development patterns.


This pattern book—one of the primary components of Phase 2—is primarily a retrospective document. It is intended to be a close examination of the patterns that have developed over time to shape the Newton we know today.

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