Let’s start by saying that I have no idea what this means except that it’s, well, very, very odd. So here goes.

The TAB’s Laura Lovett has a brief interview this week with Rich Saunders, who recently announced plans to run for mayor. Here’s an except:

Saunders is originally from Methuen and moved to Newton three years ago. He has had several careers including electrician, facilities manager, manufacturer process engineer and executive director of a nonprofit, according to his website.


He also wrote a serialized novel titled “SecretAgentMan.” He identifies himself as a method writer. He said he creates drama in real life then inserts himself into situations that are out of his comfort zone. He is hoping to use the royalties from his novels to help fund his campaign.

That excerpt, sparked my curiosity about the book, which lead me a Google search that revealed the video below in which Saunders goes to great length to say that while his work resembles novelist Dan Brown’s works (Angels and Demons, The Da-Vinci Code) he wrote his first.

SecretAgentMan from Mykl Walsh on Vimeo.

Like I said, this is odd and I have no idea what it means. But the guy’s running for mayor (and presumably will be on the debate stage this summer with Scott Lennon, Ruthanne Fuller, Amy Sangiolo and others) so now you know.

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