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The race for mayor is certainly heating up.

Last night was the Thompsonville Soup Social at the Bowen School.  The organizers invited both City Councilors Ruthanne Fuller and Scott Lennon to serve food and meet their local constituents.  The evening started off quietly but when both mayoral candidates arrived nearly simultaneously things took a startling turn.  They both made a beeline for the crowd’s favorite soup – Legal Seafood Clam Chowder.

Said local resident Ann Marie Stein “I heard the yelling and realized they were both trying to yank the ladle out of each others’ hands”.  From the eyewitness reports things escalated quickly.  Said Sean Roche “I was amazed that Ruthanne had that kind of power in her punch but Scott gave as good as he got”.

Said Madoc Street resident Lee McDonald “Councilor Lennon has the size and power but Councilor Fuller has the speed and finesse.  They were pretty well matched.  It should make for a good campaign.”

By the time Newton Police arrived and began taking statements from the diners at their tables, both candidates were smiling and joking and insisted that it was all just a minor misunderstanding and “all in good fun”.

Neither candidate required medical assistance and the Thompsonville Soup Social organizers said “no matter who wins in November, we’ll definitely have both of them back next year.  It was one hell of a dinnertime show”


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