Newton full City Council will be discussing the proposed Washington Place project for the first time tonight, starting at about 8:15 p.m. or so, at City Hall. Land Use Committee Chair Laredo provides details in a memo here but says he won’t be asking for a vote.

As you are aware, the Land Use Committee has been actively considering this project since June, 2016. Recently, the petitioner filed a motion to withdraw both the re-zoning and special permit petitions and announced its intention to proceed via a 40B project, based on the petitioner’s belief that it did not have the necessary 18 votes to re-zone the site to MU4. Given how much time and effort the Land Use Committee, the petitioner, and members of the public have put into this project, I thought it best to have a public session so that all Councilors could join the Land Use Committee to discuss the project in a public setting before we acted on the request to withdraw. The petitioner agreed with this suggestion and President Lennon has agreed to allow the Land Use Committee to meet between first and second call so that all Councilors can participate.

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