To understand better the impact of the upcoming* change to Newton’s statutory speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH, I created a map with all of the regulatory speed limits in the city. To review, the statutory speed limit is the speed limit that applies if there is no regulatory speed limit set. Regulatory speed limits will not change with the change to the statutory limit. Any Newton street with a colored line on the map has a regulatory speed limit (according to the information I have**). 

Anything about the map jump out at you? Impact of the change to the statutory speed limit? Streets that you would assume would have lower limits that don’t or won’t? Any regulatory speed limits that seem odd? 

The map is a work in progress.

*The City Council has voted to lower the statutory speed limit to 25 MPH, as permitted by recent state law. There are some administrative steps the city has to take before the change goes into effect.

**Most of the information on the map is based on what’s in the Newton Transportation and Parking Regulations (TPR), section 84. There are some speed limits that are not in TPR-84. 

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