Democrat Marilyn Devaney, who represents Newton and other communities as our representative on the Governor’s Council was called out by her colleagues this week, the State House News Service reports.¬†Here’s a few excerpts:¬†

“It is time that we stood up to the terror that [Devaney] has rained upon this council and the nominees that come before this body,” said Councilor Mary Hurley, an East Longmeadow Democrat, who said she left last week’s meeting “sick to my stomach because of the way (Devaney) treats people.”


“The legacy of this council as a laughing stock is a legacy that Councilor Devaney, in my opinion, you own,” said Oxford Republican Jennie Caissie, a general practice attorney. “The lack of respect that this body gets … is a reputation that you have developed over a decade and a half as a member of this council.”


“Stop bullying me, and stop bullying me with texts from the 21st Amendment,” Devaney interrupted, referring to a bar across the street from the Statehouse.

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