Today’s page one story in the Globe outlines the disproportionate increase Mass Pike drivers in Newton are paying following the elimination of toll booths and the move to all-electronic tolling.  

While traveling on many sections of the highway costs less, drivers must now pay a 35-cent toll in Newton, where there had been no tollbooth, as well as different rates at other locations

Of course, this 35-cent hike isn’t a surprise to those of us who read this thread by Adam Peller on Village 14 last October, but there’s one part of today’s article that does confuse me and I’m hoping someone can explain:

Adding a gantry in Newton should help relieve some congestion on local roads, since many drivers who lived outside of the city had cut through the area to avoid paying tolls. Now, those drivers can no longer benefit, officials said.

Does anyone understand how charging more on the Newton stretch of the Pike does not provide an incentive to take Route 16, Washington Street, Comm. Ave, etc instead? What am I missing?




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