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Here’s a press release from the Newton Democratic City Committee …

December 1, 2016–Newton, MA: Nearly 200 Democratic activists unanimously called upon the City of Newton to pass a TRUST ordinance, also commonly referred to as a sanctuary city provision, to increase public confidence in local law enforcement by providing clear guidelines associated with federal immigration enforcement, arrests, and detentions.


At the meeting of the Newton Democratic City Committee which took place in Newton Highlands on Thursday evening, presentations by Sue Parsons, a representative of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and Paul Glickman, a former federal prosecutor with expertise on immigration issues, were met with enthusiastic support.
“The response was overwhelming,” said NDCC Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons. “People are responding to President-Elect Trump’s promises to round up immigrants with a loud and clear message–Newton officials should take action now to protect immigrants in our city.”

Several Newton City Councilors were present at the meeting and voiced support for a local ordinance. 
In addition, State Senator Cindy Creem spoke about a statewide TRUST act which will be introduced again to the legislature early next year. The NDCC also voted unanimously to endorse this statewide legislation.
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