The reconstruction of the 170-year-old Elliot Street bridge is on schedule to be completed in mid-December. And next week, contractors are going to place a time capsule inside the bridge to preserve for residents 170 years from now.

The Bridge rehabilitation schedule only provides a short window of opportunity to place something in the new sidewalk.  If you’d like to provide something small for consideration (smaller than 3 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches, or a piece of paper) bring it to the Planning Department at Newton City Hall by 5 p.m. Monday Oct. 31.

Newton’s Planning Department will assemble the time capsule and reserves the right to deny any items due to space constraints/appropriateness of content.  Department staff will document the contents of the time capsule and share images with the Upper Falls Area Council and the Chamber for sharing with the wider community. By entering in an item, you relinquish ownership of the item and acknowledge that you do not want it returned. 

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