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This press release is from the MBTA

BOSTON – The MBTA has retained the services of Northern Tree Service, Inc. to help remove multiple trees adjacent to the Green Line identified as posing a threat due to dead or rotting branches or branches that may be susceptible during severely inclement weather. In the past year, there have been 21 downed trees or tree branches adjacent to the MBTA’s rights-of-way that have fallen onto the tracks or on the overhead electrical wires, causing damage and resulting in severe service interruptions.

Beginning tomorrow, an arborist from Northern Tree Service will conduct site surveys regarding the condition of trees on abutting properties to identify trees that present a safety hazard.  The assessment will include the identification of dead, dying or otherwise damaged trees that are at risk of falling onto trains, tracks, fencing or onto overhead electrical wires

The tree pruning and removal will occur along the D Branch, from Fenway Station out to Riverside Station, primarily during daytime hours on weekdays and weekends, however nighttime may be utilized as circumstances warrant. Eighteen of the 21 tree incidents have occurred on the Riverside Branch (D Line) of the Green Line. The MBTA has held multiple meetings with Brookline and Newton elected leaders regarding this topic

This action is being taken in the interest of the safety of MBTA customers, employees and abutters. The MBTA is covering the expense of the tree removal, as well as the repair of any privately owned lawn or fence damaged by these operations, as necessary

The T wishes to thank the public for its understanding as we work to maintain safe operations and improve our service on the MBTA’s Green Line. 


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