Jonathan Dame has a piece out this afternoon focusing on reaction from cyclists to Newton’s bike infrastructure. The TL;DR version: it’s lacking. 

Of course this stems from the ongoing investigation into the crash last week that left a 17-year-old cyclist in the hospital. According to Dame, the 93-year-old driver has not been charged with anything, at least for now. 

Police, he says, are continuing their investigation. I was told the same thing when I called last week and it was suggested at the time that they hadn’t yet spoken with the student. I do not know if they have had that conversation. But during that call the Sweet Tomatoes crash came up and I was told that investigations take time.

My question for people on this board is this: How much time is reasonable? I understand that an investigation isn’t what we see on TV, it’s complicated and involves a number of data points. But when is it long enough to expect some kind of public statement? 

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