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While I recently started a thread based on Marjorie Arons-Barron’s opposition to eliminating ward city councilors, I neglected to do the same when former Alderman Marcia Johnson wrote in support of the idea in a TAB column.

Some people are concerned that doing away with ward-only councilor seats will result in less responsive councilors. All councilors, however, both ward-only and at-large, are equally able to handle constituent services. Councilors Sangiolo and Hess-Mahan — both at-large — are two great examples of responsive, problem-solving, action-oriented representation. With today’s technology, unlike 43 years ago, when we last changed the charter, all members of the council are accessible. It is not the access, but rather the response and actions that matter.

Also on the same topic be sure and read John Sisson’s urge for calm and perspective in discussing the Charter Commission’s work.




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