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housing reportWhile some folks have already declared the arrival of Armageddon on some local lists serves, I must say that I’m proud of this online community for waiting a day before diving into a debate about Mayor Setti Warren’s just-released 102-page housing strategy (plus the 23-page fact book) without taking time to read it first.

But as Mayor Warren has said in his email to residents Thursday afternoon, his goal is “to begin a conversation about housing in Newton.”  And, heck, that’s what Village 14 is all about: conversation.

There’s enough content in these documents for years of blog threads. But let’s begin our discussion by looking at the seven (on page 19 of the Fact Book) of the 70 locations  the study identifies across the city) as priorities.

  1. The Northland site at and adjacent to Marshalls Plaza on Needham and Oak Streets  (number of units TBD)
  2. The “triangle lot” between Langley and Centre streets in Newton Centre (number of units TBD)
  3. The parking lot on Richardson Street in Newton Corner  (number of units TBD)
  4. The Golda Meir House  (60-70 units for seniors)
  5. The former Parks and Recreation headquarters on Crescent Street (8 units)
  6. Jackson Gardens near the former Aquinas College (52 units)
  7. And Washington Place (also known as the Orr Building) in Newtonville (171 units)

…also on the priority list: accessory apartments, inclusionary housing and nine to 12 permanent units of housing for the homeless.

You know what to do from here.