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In a new blog post on Newton Forum, attorney Peter Harrington writes a column warning about “‘Operation Infiltration,’ the program designed to allow aliens enter and infiltrate into human society,” or more precisely, the Orr Building (Washington Place) project in Newtonville.

I’m sure Harrington thinks he’s being hilarious  and, so far, two commentators on the site agree wholeheartedly. (“I’m sure you’ve earned the gratitude of every think Newtonian by alerting us,” writes the John Koot of the Newton Village Alliance). But all I could think of was the column written by NVA leader Kathleen Kouril Grieser warning of attempts to ‘import poor people’ during the height of the Austin Street debate.

Warnings about aliens, importing poor people, urbanization, not becoming the next Somerville, renters watching children swimming, etc. are all code words designed to say “we don’t want people who aren’t like us living here,” without actually saying it.

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