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The school department shared this today..

Dear Burr Community,
RE: Sampling for lead within Newton Schools-2016
We are writing to inform you that one of the drinking fountains at Burr Elementary School has tested high for lead levels. This result was received this morning, from tests performed  two weeks ago, after the April school vacation.

We sampled the water from selected fountains in each of our school buildings. While not all  results are back, Burr is the only school which has tested positive. The School Department  and Public Buildings Department are taking the following actions at Burr:
1. Water service has been shut off to all fountains.
2. Bottled water will be supplied to the school until we determine the source of lead.

Burr is one of our newer school buildings and does not have lead pipes. This means that it  will take some work to locate the source of the lead. We will need to understand the number  of fountains involved, which will help us determine the source. We will not allow anyone to  drink from these fountains until we are sure that the water in the school is safe.
For more info on lead in water please visit the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority  (MWRA) website at http://www.mwra.com/04water/html/qual6leadinfo.htm or the  Department of Public Health (DPH) website at  http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/massdep/water/drinking/is-there-lead-in-my-tapwater.html

We will keep everyone informed as more information about the situation at Burr becomes  available. If you have further questions please feel free to contact the Health and Human  Services Department at 617-796-1420.

Setti D. Warren David Fleishman
Mayor Superintendent of Schools

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