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Mayor Warren released this letter today…

To those interested in the Cabot School Building Project,
Since I became Mayor in 2010, I have been committed to advancing our long range school building  facilities plan and our school building projects by following 3 guiding principles:
 Ensuring the safety of our children,
 Providing the breadth of programming for which Newton is known, and
 Completing our school capital projects on time and on budget.
This commitment is evident in the results of the F.A. Day project, the Carr swing space renovation, and the Angier and Zervas new Elementary School buildings. My commitment to Cabot is no different!!
As a result of the vote taken by the Cabot School Building Committee last night, I have reached out to Jack McCarthy, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority. In my conversation with him, Jack explained that this is not the first time that a community has decided to revisit their design. In fact, he informed me that several other communities have gone through this process.
Additionally, Jack asked me to pass along his commitment to seeing the Cabot School project through,  and most importantly has assured me that this reevaluation of the proposed design will not jeopardize the  City’s position with the MSBA.
I understand and share some of the concerns about the process and I am 100% committed to ensuring that  this project moves forward meeting all of the necessary benchmarks to enable the newly renovated Cabot School to open as soon as possible.
Very truly yours,
Setti D. Warren

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