UPDATE: I received an email from David Fleishman tonight saying the information in the Globe was incorrect and that the “the report will be released after our attorney is finished redacting the parts that are considered confidential because they are a part of an employee’s personnel record. (Please note that this is standard practice.) This information was in the TAB article and it is important that residents receive consistent information.” — Greg Reibman

Here’s the original text that appeared on this thread:

The Newton Public Schools will not be releasing report looking into the handling of hate graffiti at Day Middle School, the Globe’s Ellen Ishkanian reports today.

An outside investigator was hired by the School Department to review how the graffiti incidents were handled. That report is now complete, and the Globe has requested a copy under the state’s public records law. School Superintendent David Fleishman said he has been advised by the department’s lawyer that the report is not public because it deals with personnel.

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