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An editorial headlined “Newton’s Credibility Gap” in the current (April 1, 2016) issue of the Jewish Advocate implies that Newton officials have not been completely honest when discussing anti-semitic graffiti in the schools.

A couple of key excerpts:

After the name-calling at the basketball game at Newton North High School a fortnight ago, we learned a swastika had appeared at that school in December. We also learned the police and the Anti-Defamation League had been notified of the incident, and so Superintendent David Fleishman, Mayor Setti Warren and the members of the school board must have been aware of it, as well.

It is not known why knowledge of the swastika at Newton North was kept from the public.


“When Fleishman and Warren issued a public statement in late February about the anti-Semitism at the Day Middle School, they knew about the anti-Semitism at Newton North in December. That would have been an opportune moment for them to tell all, and might have prevented the additional incidents at Newton North.

Yet they chose to say nothing.”

The paper published an editorial two weeks ago, headlined “Newton needs to take anti-Semitism more seriously,” criticizing Newton officials for not calling in federal law protection to help identify the perpetrator of the graffiti.

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