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The TAB has new details about the agreement between Newton’s firefighters and the city which is expected to result in firefighters  carrying the anti-overdose drug Narcan by the end of next month.

UPDATE; This statement from the city indicates that Newton police are also part of the agreement.

Fire, Police Departments Reach Agreement to Carry Narcan
Newton – The City of Newton is pleased to announce that we have reached agreement with the Newton Fire Department and Newton Police Department for these first responders to carry nasal narcan, a lifesaving drug that can be given to reverse an opioid overdose. This agreement covers issues of training, administration, storage, and other related items for the use of narcan. Plans are already in place to begin training and equip first responders with narcan.
“Narcan is one important component of a comprehensive approach to the opioid epidemic here in Newton and elsewhere,” Mayor Setti Warren said. “But it is only one piece of our multi-faceted approach which includes prevention, education, access to treatment programs for addicts, and life-long post intervention programs once an addict is in recovery. Our Opioid Working Group is developing short- and longer term approaches to each of these critical areas of need.”
“I am pleased that we are able to provide this life-saving tool to our fire personnel to better equip them in handling drug overdose emergencies,” Fire Chief Bruce Proia said. “I am extremely proud of all of the work that our fire personnel do for the City of Newton every day.”
“Narcan will give our public safety team here in Newton the ability to save lives and give people another chance,” said Chief of Police David MacDonald. “Our men and women will have this tool while we continue to work with other disciplines in the fight against opiate addiction. We are proud to be a part of this battle.”
A full copy of both signed agreements can be found here.

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