In 2012, 45.9% of registered Newton voters were Democrat, 8.0% were Republican, and 53.7% were Unenrolled. Let’s compare this to Newton’s elected officials—Mayor, School Committee members, City Councilors, and Charter Commissioners—who are 97.6% Democrat, 2.3% Republican, and 0% Unenrolled. All elected city officials are Democrats with the exception of Republican Councilor James Cote. Why is there such overwhelming disconnect between the affiliations of voters and elected officials?

To Newton Democratic Committee Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons’ chagrin (or glee?), our newest Councilor, Jacob Auchincloss, switched after the election from being Unenrolled to Democrat.

Remember the biggest gap occurs for the Unenrolled. An answer asserting that the national Republican Party is out of touch with local values won’t hold water.


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