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A tweet this week from Newton City Councillor Emily Norton reminded me that it’s been a while since we’ve had an update on efforts to equip Newton police and firefighters with  Narcan, the emergency drug that’s being used effectively in many instances to combat opiate overdoses.

Jonathan Dame reported in the TAB two months ago that the delay in Newton is tied to a collective bargaining break down.  (Dame also reported at the time that all Newton schools are stocked with Narcan and they’ve have begun training school nurses to administer the drug.)

Meanwhile state police this week issued a warning that “exceptionally deadly” brand of heroin has entered the state.

So Village 14 asked Mayor Warren’s office for an update. Here’s the response we received via an email statement from Dori Zaleznik, the mayor’s Chief Administrative Officer.

“We know this is a critical issue that we take very seriously. First responders carrying narcan is currently being discussed with the fire and police unions. The City has an active Opioid Working Group that is discussing a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to the opioid crisis in Massachusetts.”

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