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Newton’s elementary and middle school students will be required to take the PARCC test again this year, despite a disastrous experience last year. The IT teachers and staff for the entire system were not available for six weeks and classrooms did not have access to computers for the entire testing time period because they were all being used for testing.

The PARCC was of such poor quality that BESE (Board of Secondary and Elementary Education) voted against adopting it in November.

Newton made the decision in June 2014 to pilot the test because someone in the system was so convinced that PARCC was going to be adopted, despite vociferous objections on the part of teachers and staff. As a result, Newton elementary and MS students will take four different tests in three years, and none of the data from one test corresponds to another, so the time spent on testing for three years is useless.

Teachers are up in arms, have had sessions with our state reps and senator about it, but we are stuck wasting weeks of time giving tests that do not give us any information about a student or cohort of students.

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